Call for GBCI Credentialing Steering Committee members

Nick Firmand
May 1, 2020

GBCI is seeking individuals to fill open seats on the Credentialing Steering Committee (CSC), the governing body for GBCI’s professional credentials. The open seats are specific to the following credentials:

This call opens May 1, and the deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. PT on May 22.

The steering committee

GBCI administers a suite of credentials that validate and recognize those who demonstrate competencies related to environmental sustainability and human health as they relate to buildings and sites. The credentialing programs are governed by the Credentialing Steering Committee, a body with balanced composition that represents the diverse stakeholders who hold its professional credentials.

Each seat represents a different industry sector and GBCI credential. Members contribute their thoughts and experiences from the field and work together with GBCI staff to steer the direction and development of the GBCI credentials. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a CSC member, please review the CSC charter.

The two-year term for these open seats begins on Oct. 1, 2020, and ends on Sept. 30, 2022.

Meetings typically occur between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time on the third Thursday of each month and are held remotely via WebEx.

GBCI will review survey respondents to identify a group of potential candidates. These potential candidates will be notified of their consideration and asked to confirm interest in the position. If interested, their biographical information will be presented to the CSC, which will vote to recommend one committee member to be approved by the GBCI Board of Directors.

Please see the expertise sought for each seat below.



  • Must hold an active GBCI credential related to the open seat they wish to fill
  • Comply with the CSC Charter
  • Demonstrate expertise in the area of practice associated with that seat
  • Attend at least two-thirds of all calls within the two-year term
  • Agree to the GBCI Code of Professional Conduct agreement


  • Knowledge of ANSI’s Personnel Certification Bodies accreditation under the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Standard for Conformity assessment—General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons
  • Knowledge of exam development best practices
  • Experience with international green building rating system implementation

Seat Description

To achieve balanced composition, the committee seeks membership representing the broad industry sectors addressed by the GBCI professional credentials, as evidenced by current or previous professional experience in these areas. These members will be able to offer a relevant perspective on how these industries relate to each of the GBCI professional credentials and specialty areas.


Distinguishes professionals implementing sustainable practices, improving performance, heightening efficiency and reducing environmental impact in existing buildings through enhanced operations and maintenance.


Suited for those involved in the design and construction of healthy, durable homes that use fewer resources and produce less waste.


Applies to individuals participating in the planning, design and development of walkable, neighborhoods and communities.


An individual who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to support the SITES certification process, including participating in the design and development process, supporting and encouraging integrated design, managing the application and certification process, and providing advocacy and education for the adoption of SITES.

Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist

Reliable and high-quality greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data is key in guiding the planning of effective city-level climate action. The Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist credential is designed for individuals to help local governments identify, measure and track GHG emissions in their cities. The credential is ideal for those working on GHG emission inventories, including local government professionals, consultants and academic/nonprofit groups.

How to submit a nomination

Anyone interested in submitting a nomination or self-nomination for a seat on the GBCI Credentialing Steering Committee should complete the GBCI CSC nomination form no later than 5 p.m. PT on May 22.

Questions? Contact GBCI.

Apply to join the steering committee