CFLD Feng Tai Science Park achieves LEED Gold certification for Core and Shell

Haozhen Pan
January 10, 2019

CFLD Feng Tai Science Park, located in Feng Tai Science and Technology Park in the Zhongguancun District of Beijing, has achieved LEED Gold for Core and Shell.

The park is the first industrial community benchmark project of CFLD in Beijing and the first double-innovation base of the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, identified by Zhongguancun Management Committee in the Fengtai District as an international ecological community for innovation and entrepreneurship.

CFLD Feng Tai Science Park is LEED Gold

The CFLD Feng Tai Science Park.

A two-phase project with high goals

The green building consultancy on this project, EMSI, is helping to guide the design, construction and operation of the whole community to align with LEED standards. The LEED Gold for Core and Shell certification applies to the first phase of the CFLD Feng Tai Science Park, including 70,000 square meters of innovation space, 3.2 million square meters of business and 69,000 square meters in the Marriott hotel. Three of the office buildings provide space for more than 100 companies, of which over 90 percent are technology enterprises.

The second phase of the project will encompass an administrative main building and 14 industrial buildings, with an innovation space of 590,000 square meters and green spaces of 130,000 square meters. The administrative building has been pre-certified as LEED Platinum for Core and Shell, which, when achieved, will be the first LEED Platinum project in the Feng Tai District. Additionally, the whole community of the park is applying for LEED Gold certification under LEED for Neighborhood Development.

CFLD Feng Tai Science Park shaded corridor

Shading in the outside corridors.

Designing for socializing and sustainability

After several discussions between the design team and the green building consultancy, the general manager of the CFLD design team, Mr. Hu Yi, decided to build a garden-style campus.

"We designed a huge green space in the center of the campus," he said. "Also, two landscape buildings around the green space connect the overground and underground spaces effectively. The whole campus shall be humanizing, socializing and high-efficiency," explained Mr. Yi.

The central sinking square in the first phase of the park shows its excellence in design, with landscape and walkways that provide a convenient and comfortable outdoor environment. The site's green coverage exceeds 50 percent of the whole unoccupied space, and the lighting layout at night is dazzling.

CFLD Feng Tai Science Park Central Sinking Square

The central sinking square.

The shared lobby in the middle of the A & B office building serves as the public meeting room of the park, allowing accommodating companies to share community culture in a timely manner. Water-saving flush fixtures are installed throughout the building, reducing water consumption by 49 percent compared to traditional buildings. There is natural lighting inside the building, and the external shading system is designed to reduce cooling load.

Continuous improvement and enterprise

In line with the guiding concept of “people-oriented," the CFLD Feng Tai Science Park provides an ecologically innovative environment and an “all-round and three-dimensional” international dual-creation service platform for enterprises and employees in the park.

Encompassing building energy conservation, a natural environment and capacity for enterprise development and business, this project is dedicated to becoming a community that combines technology and culture. The LEED Gold certification highlights the continuous exploration of the CFLD Feng Tai Science Park in the field of green building and its efforts in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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