Committing to a greener future at Greenbuild China 2018

Mahesh Ramanujam

Greenbuild China is in the books! Next up: Greenbuild India and Greenbuild Chicago.

Last week, we closed another successful event with our second annual Greenbuild China. Over the course of three days, we showcased top architects, engineers, consultants and other key industry professionals who shared their vision for green building in China.

Our speakers inspired our attendees and reminded them of the power of the work they do every day. Attendees earned critical continuing education credits and were able to experience the latest green building technologies on our expo floor. More than 40 women came together for the second Women in Green event in China and redefined sustainability leadership. And finally, we had a moment to network and make lasting connections during our Closing Celebration event.

View the Greenbuild China opening and closing videos.

This year’s conference was also hosted at the second-tallest building in the world—the LEED Platinum Shanghai Tower. It was an honor to host the conference at a building that truly embodies what LEED is all about. During my speech at the Opening Plenary, I told attendees that I was thrilled to be gathered in a building that so beautifully symbolizes what we’ve all come here to do—to commit to constructing an even greener future in the years ahead.

Greenbuild China 2018 did not disappoint. I am proud of our U.S. and China leadership and their teams for delivering an exceptional event. The entire audience was so appreciative and grateful that we are establishing this strong platform to celebrate their stories, successes and leadership. There is no doubt in my mind that the ideas that were discussed throughout the week, and the relationships that were developed, will lead to new projects and new ways to create a higher standard of living for everyone—both in China and all around the world.

The week left me feeling excited and invigorated to gather in India and Chicago in just a few short weeks. I also want to take this moment to remind us all that the stakes have never been higher. The recent UN IPCC report indicates that climate change is worse than previously thought, and that urgent action is needed to limit global warming. The report says that over the next 10 to 25 years, climate change will continue to impact millions of lives. As a result, our environment—our forests, our oceans, our public lands—will be under siege. Many cities will become overpopulated. Millions of people and trillions of dollars in assets will be at risk. And our quality of life, as we know it, could become a relic of the past.

As the conveners of the global green building community, we all have a deep responsibility to leverage our tools and resources to scale up reductions in carbon emissions associated with buildings. In the wake of the IPCC report, it is clear that if we want to help slow climate change, we must accelerate on all fronts. I want us all to keep this in mind as we enter the lead-up to Greenbuild in India and Chicago, because Greenbuild is where the future of our community is shaped.

I look forward to envisioning a better, more equitable life for all and a new living standard at Greenbuild Human x Nature in India and Chicago!

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