Exploring ESG in India: A collaboration with Mint

Molly Molloy
February 16, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic took over the year 2020. As we enter into 2021, still fighting the present public health crisis, citizens, cities and companies are thinking about how we can build back better than before. With the urgency for action in public health and climate change becoming increasingly clear, the long-term benefits of green buildings to people, the planet and the economy have also become undeniable.

ESG compliance can help prioritize these benefits. What’s more, ESG information is correlated with market outperformance, meaning you can do good for society while doing good for your business. Introducing green buildings is a pivotal step to improving that score.

At GBCI, we believe green buildings not only maximize the benefits of ESG, but also help develop healthier places and economies. The Arc performance platform allows teams to utilize the advantages of green buildings by collecting data, benchmarking progress, and measuring impact to improve their overall performance.

GBCI India and Mint (also known as Live Mint), one of India’s premium business news publications, have partnered on an ongoing video series that gets to the heart of the future of green buildings and India’s potential to build a better, more sustainable world — even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the latest installment, guest speaker Chris Pyke, Senior Vice President of Arc, is joined by a panel of sustainability leaders to explore ESG compliance. analyzes the long-term benefits of ESG, why they are necessary now more than ever and how green buildings can help improve ESG scores. Watch the video and the rest of the series on demand now:

Building ESG compliance: A conversation with leaders

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