How Colombia’s Rochester School was able to safely re-open with LEED

Sonja Trierweiler
February 3, 2021

Photo Credit: Rochester School

The Rochester School in Chía, Colombia, was the first school to re-open in the country following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The school is a stunning example for how, by ensuring a healthy and safe learning environment through LEED certification, their students and faculty are provided a higher standard of living. 

Additionally, the school’s investment in reopening would have been much higher if it hadn’t already been LEED certified. LEED certification laid the foundation for a healthy space:Their resiliency has allowed it to easily adapt to comply to biosafety protocol required as a result of COVID-19 and reopening strategies recommended by both the World Health Organization and the Colombian government.

Learn more about the school’s commitment to sustainability in their story for Living Standard. 

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