Ireland reaches green building milestone with 100 LEED-certified projects

Sarah Stanley
March 17, 2020

Ireland has reached an impressive milestone: 100 LEED-certified green buildings.

Over the past two years, Ireland earned its highest number of LEED certifications ever, with a total of 60. A majority of the certified projects are located in Dublin, but other counties with LEED buildings include Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. Certified spaces include offices, industrial manufacturing facilities, data centers, retail and a hotel.

Nearly 25% of the 100 projects certified have achieved the highest level of certification, LEED Platinum.

There are more than 100,000 buildings and spaces participating in LEED across 176 countries and territories. Available for virtually all building, community and residential projects, LEED sets the standard for designing, constructing and operating healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green spaces. Certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability excellence.

Green buildings are not just about the environment—they are also an opportunity to find new ways to improve the living standard for people, and each new certification is a symbol of that commitment. Ireland’s continued progress with LEED is a significant achievement for the country.

The first project to certify was the Symantec Orion office in Dublin in 2010, which achieved LEED Gold. Dublin is also home to the country’s only LEED-certified hotel, The Hendrick Smithfield. The LEED Gold property developed by Dublin Loft Company in consultation with Meehan Green certified in 2019. The hotel has reduced its average water use by 35%, without compromising guest experience, by using efficient fittings, fixtures and equipment, as well as harvesting rainwater from the roof, terrace and courtyard, which is reused for flushing.

With energy efficiency in mind, the project team selected LED lighting systems and installed solar panels, achieving a 35% energy cost savings. In an effort to reduce waste, The Hendrick chose products and materials with life cycle information available that also have triple bottom line impacts. The hotel avoided creating on-site parking to encourage the use of nearby public transportation, and it offers guests and employees secure bike racks within the building. Signage around the property helps educate guests, staff and visitors of the benefits of the green building strategies in place.

Ireland’s 100 LEED-certified projects are part of a larger green building effort that continues to grow across Europe.

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