It Takes a Village to Save a Planet: Sanawadia, Madhya Pradesh

Geetanjali Prasad
December 11, 2019

It takes a true warrior like Padma Shri awardee Janak Palta to dedicate her entire life to sustainability and the good of humanity. Despite the massive upheavals in health and losing her husband along the way, Palta has relentlessly transformed lives and the environment through her institution, the Jimmy McGilligan Center for Sustainable Development.

The center trains tribal women in the region in solar cooking, solar drying and solar water heating; they then impart the knowledge to other women in their respective villages, thus encouraging the use of solar power and reducing the burning of wood in the kitchen.

Over the years, the center has educated other local people, small business leaders, college students from surrounding areas and cities, farmers and microcredit groups in the optimal use of solar energy for various purposes.

Janak Palta herself leads an almost 100% sustainable life through organic food products and use of renewable energy.

Watch this incredible tale of sustainability in our video:

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