Join USGBC and TRUE at Net Zero Conference 2018

Emma Hughes
August 29, 2018

Building on momentum from previous years, the fifth annual Net Zero Conference will be held in Los Angeles from September 12 to 14, bringing more than 900 practitioners from every sector of the built environment together to share integrated sustainability solutions for energy, water, waste and transit.

The nation’s largest net zero building conference will be fittingly held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ (IBEW) Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute, a living laboratory of energy efficiency strategies showcasing some of the technologies and strategies owners can use to get their buildings to net zero and beyond.

A dynamic lineup of speakers will present more than 75 conference education sessions and nine innovative workshops, offering up to 19 CEUs for AIA, GBCI and LFA credential holders. With education sessions addressing grid-scale strategies and de-carbonization initiatives, new frameworks for renewables generation and water use in dense urban areas, embodied carbon in buildings and the role of entrepreneurship in advancing net zero buildings and transport, the conference programming is ambitious and relevant.

I’m humbled by the opportunity to facilitate the session “All Systems Go: Toward Zero Energy, Water and Waste in Buildings” with fellow USGBC representative Wes Sullens, Director, Code Technical Development, as well as Lauren Sparandara of Google, Inc. and Piper Kujac of Urban Farbrick, Inc. We will present project case studies and discuss how third-party certification can support benchmarking and goal achievement.

Pre- and post-conference workshops will inspire and inform participants; a selection of workshop topics and themes include regenerative design, synergies between net zero and resilience, the TRUE Zero Waste program, building envelope optimization and efficiency strategies gleaned from the California coast biome.

Not to be missed are the conference’s motivational keynote speakers, who will share valuable insights based on years of experience advancing net zero outcomes at multiple scales. Attendees will hear from USGBC President and CEO Mahesh Ramanujan, who will provide exciting updates on USGBC programs, as well as thought leader and regenerative design expert Jason McLennan, Partner and CEO of McLennan Design.

In addition to Ramanujam, Sullens and myself, USGBC will also be represented by Stephanie Barger, Director, Market Transformation and Development, GBCI, TRUE Zero Waste Program, who will discuss waste stream at the "TRUE Zero Waste: Don’t Let Your Bottom Line Go To Waste" session. I look forward to an educational and energizing week.

Join us at Net Zero Conference 2018