LEED On: DLF [video]

Geetanjali Prasad
July 16, 2018

Delhi Land & Finance (DLF), which ranks among India’s largest real estate developers, is known for its luxury homes, premium offices and retail spaces. As part of its dedicated push for quality, DLF has used the LEED rating system to certify almost 27 million square feet of space across India.

DLF projects boast many innovative green building features. For example, a Cyber City "Energy Center" generates clean energy using gas. It also reclaims wastewater, almost 6 million liters per day, through a sewer treatment system, making it the only organization in India to do so.

Air quality is another critical area of concern for DLF, and the Cyber City HVAC system is said to be one of the cleanest in the world, maintaining PM 2.5 levels that are among the lowest in Delhi.

Whether for new construction or major retrofits, DLF has repeatedly proven its leadership in sustainability. It is the only organization in India that is registered under the LEED Volume program, where it has 50 existing buildings on track to certify. Their consistent effort has helped DLF realize LEED Platinum standards across its portfolio in India—an important and timely  accomplishment for a market-leading real estate developer.

Watch the video to learn more about DLF and DLF Cyber City: