LEED Earth adopted by nine nations in 2019

Sumner Byrne
December 19, 2019

Several new nations have joined LEED Earth, which offers free certification to the first project in places where the rating system is still emerging.

As the decade draws to a close, nine new nations have certified their first LEED, LEED v4 Platinum or LEED v4.1 Platinum project through the LEED Earth campaign, which is designed to make green buildings more accessible to countries around the world.

LEED Earth is a campaign that offers certification at no cost to the first project to earn LEED in the countries where the rating system is still emerging. In addition, the campaign offers free certification for the first LEED Platinum project in any country to certify using LEED v4 or LEED v4.1. Through these projects’ leadership, they bring more sustainable and thoughtful construction in emerging markets. 

Congratulations to these projects for leading the way to a healthier, more efficient, and more resilient future for their countries in 2019: 

First LEED-certified project for their country:

Residential Building Parkent Plaza - Uzbekistan

Heritance Aarah  - Maldives

WIK Macedonia Dooel s.Alinci Prilep - Macedonia

World Bank Kabul - Afghanistan

Avedisian School & Community Center - Armenia


First LEED v4 Platinum certified project for their country:

Msheireb Properties Headquarters - Qatar

MP Service Headquarters - El Salvador


Photo: ALARGAN International Headquarters

First LEED v.4.1 Platinum certified project for their country:

ALARGAN International Headquarters - Kuwait

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority’s High Bay Building - United Arab Emirates

If you know of a building that is interested in becoming the first LEED-certified structure in your country, check the list of eligible nations to learn about next steps. In the next decade, we have the opportunity to certify a building in every country - but we need your help to work toward a truly sustainable future. 

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