LEED On: Parkview Green

Yi Wen

When visiting Beijing’s Chaoyang District, one building is certain to capture your attention: the iconic Parkview Green. Watch our latest LEED On China video and learn the legend of Parkview Green from Nancy Wong, Parkview International Co-chairman.

This pyramid of glass is both an architectural marvel and an architectural challenge—one that was overcome using outside-the-box thinking and cutting-edge building technology. The result was a sustainable development of the highest standard.

Developed by The Hong Kong Parkview Group, this project was the grand vision of former company chairman George Wong. Wong called Parkview Green his personal fairy tale, one that showcases his unique artistic sensibilities and his passion for sustainability.

And though realizing his vision took almost a decade, it led to Parkview becoming the first mixed-use LEED Platinum project in mainland China—and the first to adopt the advanced Arc online building performance tracking system.

Watch the video:

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