LEED powered by Arc in Colombia workshop

Silvia Rey

For the first time, at CONSTRUVERDE 2018, we will have a practical space for a deep dive and technical workshop on the Arc platform and LEED for Existing Buildings. Join USGBC and CCCS to learn more about sustainability for existing buildings.

LEED v4.1 for Existing Buildings is the most recent update of LEED from USGBC, whose objective is to manage the performance of existing buildings in terms of sustainability indicators; now, also, for commercial interiors. This version contains important changes that make the tool more transparent and inclusive, as well as internationally applicable, and that incorporate the use of the easy-access digital platform Arc.

Arc allows projects to record the consumption and metrics of energy, water, human experience, transport and waste, compared to local, regional and global levels. This tool promotes transparency, identifies which are the highest yields and reveals opportunities for improvement in the systems. Arc also provides a clear way to demonstrate the progress in sustainability indicators to the interest groups of real estate developments.

We invite you to participate in a workshop on October 2, led by the USGBC team for Latin America and the director of Arc Skoru Inc. You can get to know the LEEDv4.1 rating system in depth, its key requirements and how to provide successful certification processes in sustainable construction for existing buildings in Colombia.

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