LEED social impact checklist now available in Spanish

Elizabeth Torres

As we start this new decade, we see a growing awareness and interest in advancing social equity around the world. Many of us are hopeful that we will be able to achieve a more just and equitable society in our communities and countries over the next 10 years.

The green building industry has a great opportunity to do its part in creating and sustaining a thriving environment for all by ensuring access to resources and opportunities for the whole community and allowing their interests and specific needs to be represented fairly and equitably.

USGBC, in collaboration with LEED experts, has taken a new step to integrate social equity into green buildings by translating the LEED Project Team Checklist for Social Impact Checklist into Spanish. This new translation was generously contributed by USGBC Education Partner Everblue Training and validated by USGBC Faculty member Gustavo Goldman, along with USGBC staff.

With this measure, more project teams in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking regions will have a tool that will allow them to evaluate the social impacts they generate and to initiate conversations on social equity, taking down the wall of the language barrier and familiarizing more people across the globe with these strategies.

The social impact checklist includes questions such as "Are you participating and considering the different people who could be affected by your project?" and "Have you aligned decision-making, partners and sourcing with your values?"

This will make it easier for project teams and other stakeholders to lead enriching conversations that represent voices that otherwise might not be heard, and will allow communities to be a part of these spaces, make them their own and grow in them.

Take this opportunity to act differently and be an agent of change, by sharing and creating abundance for all. Learn more about USGBC's commitment to social equity and the social impact checklist.

In addition, I presented a webinar on social equity with Chile Green Building Council on Jan. 7, 2019. Listen to the recording.

Download the LEED Project Team Checklist for Social Impact in Spanish

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