Tips and Strategies to Work from Home Successfully

Ara Sprague
May 29, 2020

Over the last few years, working from home has become more and more prevalent as organizations are tapping talent where it is located and realizing the several operational benefits associated with embracing a ‘work from home’ model. This model has now come into a sharper focus in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused many of us to suddenly shift and adapt to working from home. Creating a dedicated workspace that helps serve you and the work you are doing as well as navigating the separation of work and life can be a struggle. 

GBCI has been operating a ‘work from home’ model successfully for almost a decade now with a number of team members who work for the organization from across the globe. Based on our collective experience of working from home as well as years of experience certifying spaces for better occupant health and wellness, we’ve put together a set of tips and strategies for you to work from home effectively and successfully.

 Take a look at these infographics which provide ‘Work from Home Tips’ covering the following aspects:

  • tips for creating and maintaining your workspace
  • suggestions to effectively use technology for both communication and productivity
  • ideas to help gain and maintain balance and healthy habits throughout the day
  • ways to navigate and cope with the additional stress and uncertainty that comes with stay at home orders and working during a global pandemic

We hope you find these tips and strategies useful. Please, be well!

Additional Contributors: Katie Link, Jenelle Sams, Anne Grzywa, Monica Wilson, Rebecca Rice, Tamara Bannon, Lily Terango, Kate Tart, Vijaya Yellamraju, Ara Sprague